Social Distancing & Love Your Neighbor As Yourself


People loved to ask Jesus questions. What do you think about this? Do you know who that person is? Why do you eat with those people? Don’t you have an answer?!

Many of these questions were asked by the super religious and sometimes their intentions weren’t exactly “pure”. Sometimes though there’d be some religious people who wanted to engage with Jesus honestly.

In Mark 12:28-34, we see one of those exchanges. Jesus was asked a simple question: Out of all the commandments, which is most important?

Come on, dude. Give us the Cliff Notes version. And so, He does. And I’m going to shorten it up a bit more.

Love God & Love Others.

That’s the MOST important. So, in this age of social distancing and pandemic and quarantine how do we do the most important things?

Love God

If loving God for you is solely summed by walking through the sanctuary doors on a Sunday morning, I think you’ve missed the point.

Loving God happens Monday through Saturday, too.

We can love God by reading our Bible app devo while laying in bed. We can love God by singing while we wash the dishes. We can love God by eating a homemade dinner. And we can love God by getting a good night’s sleep.

Yes, I’m certain God cares about all that.

I think He cares about how we’ve reduced His Gospel to a building that’s open once or twice a week. Which might be why so many people are struggling when those doors CAN’T be opened for a time being. It’s not because a government or a politician is trying to restrict our rights….rather, they’re trying to do their due diligence to keep us safe and healthy.

Love Others

In a matter of weeks (or days), what it meant to practically love your neighbor drastically changed. It meant being patient with the long lines at the grocery store, only buying toilet paper when you needed it and calling friends to check up instead of meeting up at a crowded restaurant.

Loving others means considering another person’s health as important as our own.

As we all try to wade this new and uncharted territory together let us remember what is most important. Loving God is a lifestyle that encapsulates every DAY and every THING we do. And loving people looks like washing our hands more than we ever thought possible.

Keep on doing those MOST important things during this season of social distancing and once we find ourselves beyond it. Love has always and will always be the most important thing.



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