The Disclaimer

For those visiting my blog, I want to make a disclaimer.

I write what I feel like God has placed on my heart– what He’s speaking to me about. It’s not always comfortable stuff and it may be uncomfortable to hear, but I refuse to filter my words in fear of offending someone. That is NOT my intention, but I do not get to dictate how someone perceives my writing or responds to it.

Believe me, this stuff is just as much for me as it is for other people.

God asks me to write. I didn’t choose this life or calling, but I have determined in my heart to be as faithful and obedient as possible. I won’t always get it right, but there is nothing that I share that I haven’t carefully considered.

In the past, I have struggled with writing because I wasn’t just seen as Holly. I was seen as Holly the church administrator. Holly the youth leader. Holly the daughter of a pastor.

The fact is: I am me. I am not my titles, my positions or even my parents.

As I stated earlier, I write from the conviction of MY heart.

I understand it won’t be everyone, but it will be for some.