Who is the Common Queen?

In general, informative terms. I am Holly. I’m a 30-ish, single, amazing woman who has a passion for writing, for children, youth and young adults.

I’m passionate. Opinionated. Stubborn. And when I love, I do it fiercely. I’m highly competitive and will drop two “Draw 4” cards on you without batting an eye. I may take my love of board/card games a little too far, but like I said– I love fiercely.

My heart is to serve Jesus and in serving Jesus, serve people.

I’d like to think I serve practically. I’ll wash your dishes for you if you need a moment to breath or I’ll pray for you if you feel like you can’t take another step forward. I used to be a dreamer. Many years ago now, that part of me was buried six feet under and its taken until now to begin hoping again– to bring me to the place where I could even contemplate the idea of dreaming again.

Please stay and journey through this experiment called life with me.

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