“OK” Is A Complete Response

Please watch the video above before reading the rest of this post as it will be central to this post. And no this isn’t a blog about how much I love the Buffalo Bills (or Josh Allen), but it could be! 😉

“Doesn’t look like an offense that is good enough to win the Super Bowl right now.”

Not a question. A statement.

I’ve watched that short video a dozen times or so and each time I get fired up even more. Fired up enough to write, which I promised myself I wouldn’t do until I felt like I had something worth sharing. A message filled with life and encouragement and I believe this fits the description. I hope you do too!

How many times have you been pursuing something, possibly a God ordained dream or passion, and someone told you:

“You aren’t good enough.”

Maybe they used those exact words or maybe their actions showed you they didn’t believe you could do it. Maybe even that you SHOULDN’T do it?

Who told you you don’t have what it takes?

Who told you you weren’t good enough? Smart enough? Skilled enough? Have enough experience?

Who told you?

There’s no denying I’ve been faced with those who believed my gender limited me or weren’t convinced of my leadership abilities or my spiritual maturity. The truth is though, if you’re anything like me….YOU spoke those words over yourself, too. At times, it has been the default soundtrack in my mind.

I’m a failure.

I’ll never be good enough.

I just don’t measure up.

What got me so fired up about Josh’s response to the reporter was the look in his eyes. He didn’t feel the need to defend or make excuses, BUT you could see a strength and a resolve come over him. A look that read, “I’ll show you.”

When the lies and doubt tell you you’re not good enough confidently and resolutely respond, “Ok.” And with a sly little smirk KEEP GOING. KEEP PUSHING. KEEP FIGHTING. KEEP DREAMING. KEEP PURSUING.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

I’m not sure the kind of pushback you’re facing in your life, but I hope you know this encouragement is for YOU. Please don’t stop doing or pursuing the thing you were created to do just because someone couldn’t see your potential…just because someone decided to replay all your bad calls, missteps and mistakes. You are more than your failures.

In another recent interview, Josh Allen mentioned how he often imagines what a Super Bowl parade in Buffalo would be like. I hope when the doubt (or doubters come) you can see the victory. You can hear the cheering of a job well done. You can see the joy and celebration of those who believed not only in you but what God put inside of you to do.

I can see it! As I sit here and type this my heart is overflowing with excitement for YOU! You are going to do it! Amazing, wonderful, INCREDIBLE things. Nothing is going to stop you! Nothing is going to get in your way! I’m cheering for you!