Check Your Blind Spots

Picture with me, if you will, 16-year old Holly learning to drive. I was an overly cautious kid. Hands on 10 and 2. Constantly checking my speed and my mirrors. I was keenly aware that I was, in fact, driving a machine that could kill someone. This reality weighed heavily on my mind every time I got behind the wheel and still does to this day. It’s fun living inside this head of mine. 🙂

One of the things we are taught when we are learning to drive is about the importance of checking our blind spots. Blind spots are those sneaky areas to the side of our cars that can’t be seen by the side or rear view mirrors. What that means is we can’t be reliant upon just our mirrors when wanting to change lanes or to merge onto the highway.

If we are going to safely and accurately check our blind spots we’ve got to actually turn our heads and look over our shoulders. A simple, but vital step in preventing a collision.

Didn’t know you were getting some driving instruction in today’s post, did ya? 😉

Here’s my point: Christians are not exempt from blind spots. We’ve all got them.

These blind spots can include our personal preferences, any biased beliefs, old ways of thinking and just plain ole’ misinformation. Yes, sometimes we aren’t thinking or believing correctly and we leave that blind spot unchecked because it’s easy and comfortable.

In order to check your Christian blind spots you have to have a measure of humility– a willingness to have your heart and motives examined to find out why you think or believe a certain way and why you might be hesitant to relinquish those beliefs.

Sometimes we ignore those spots because we’d rather not deal with it. We know whatever is lurking in that spot is detrimental to our growth but it’d take too much work (time, emotions, energy). Heck, you might even need to get a counselor or therapist! GASP!

[Side note: I’m sans coffee for about 21 days now so I might just come off extra sassy in this week’s post.]

Actually, counselors are really great at helping us pinpoint blind spots and deal with them appropriately. Scripture is also necessary in this process as long as it’s not being used inappropriately or out of context in an attempt to make excuses for that blind spot. The Holy Spirit is also helpful in bringing some clarity and discernment.

All of that requires being open to change and correction. It also requires doing some thoughtful listening without immediately offering a rebuttal.

I’ve seen what happens when Christian blind spots go unchecked and I can tell you that it has stunted growth and caused quite a bit of hurt. We’ve got to be diligent in this area.

I hope it goes without saying but I’ve got blind spots, too. Areas I refused to look at because it hurt too much or I just didn’t want to deal with it. I’m right there with you. I’m just hoping to take a lesson from 16 year old Holly learning to drive and checking those spots that can be easily overlooked….and I hope you will, too.

Mushrooms, Hulk Hogan & Treasure

A few months ago, my parents went to Colorado for a much needed vacation. Colorado Springs is their annual anniversary trip destination and this time, like all the previous, they set out to fill their longing for mountain air. During one of their hikes,  8-miles from their starting point, my parents met two older ladies along the hiking trail. One lady in her 70’s and the other in her 40’s, both yielding bags hanging from their belts that were almost entirely full of mushrooms.


As my mother is known to do, she began asking them questions about these mushrooms. There had to be a reason these ladies would take the time and energy to gather them. The ladies appeared protective of their spoils, and determined to gather every one they could find. Gathering took time though. The mushrooms were of course not along the edges of the trail, but off the beaten path making them not easy to spot.

Turns out those mushrooms are worth $65 a pound. Not too bad for a fungus. This may also be the reason the ladies didn’t offer to share any with my parents.

The entire 8-mile hike up, my parents had never once seen one of those mushrooms. Then again, they weren’t looking for them either. You better believe though, on the way down the mountain both my parents were alert and scanning out past the trails edge to see if they could find some mushrooms the ladies may have overlooked. And they did, but only one.

You see there’s nothing casual about looking for treasure. The very concept evokes thoughts of pursuit and searching. There’s passion and drive and desire. The thing is to one person, a mushroom may be a treasure, but to another it is something to be ignored. I’ve learned the worth of a object is determined by its owner, not by the object. For example, I’m not ashamed to admit it, I own a 1990 Classic WWF Hulk Hogan Trading Card. If you google the worth of the card, you’ll find it won’t be making me a millionaire, but I couldn’t even imagine giving it away. Why? To me, it’s priceless. This silly little card holds memories that no dollar amount could eclipse.

What does an expensive mushroom and a not so expensive trading card have to do with you? Well, they are you. You’re this special, priceless treasure that Someone sought after. He said you had worth, so much in fact, that He’d give up everything He had just to have you as His own. Even if it meant giving His life. So, that’s what He did.

You may feel worthless, but He says you are priceless. You may feel like a nobody, but He says you are royalty. You may be forgotten and overlooked, but He has pursued you with an everlasting love. He didn’t do it begrudgingly, but with GREAT joy.

Today, simply know this:  you are treasured, desired and worthy of love.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. (Matthew 13:44, NKJV)