A Pet Peeve of a Control Freak


I’ve got a few major pet peeves. One is bumper stickers.  Especially Christian ones. Every time I see one it boggles my mind. Do these people think Jesus strapped a sign to a donkeys behind when He made His triumphant entry into Jerusalem that read “God loves you”? Has anyone “gotten saved” by reading a bumper sticker? Is Jesus a product to sell? An item to market? Actually, the Christian bumper sticker is a bad idea for this reason: as soon as you make an idiot move like forgetting to turn off your blinker for five blocks people may think Jesus is an idiot too. Or worse yet, someone cuts you off in traffic and you start yelling and throwing your arms in a hissy using the kind of language that would make grandma blush.  All the while, your Ichthys sticker is proudly plastered on your bumper. Actually, that’s exactly why I don’t have bumper stickers…

My least favorite bumper sticker has to be the “Jesus is my co-pilot” bumper sticker? It carries one of the most anti-submissive themes within the Christian Body. There’s this thought that somehow we are at the wheel and Jesus is merely a sideshow to this journey. Jesus isn’t calling shotty, folks.

Recently, I flew out to Kansas to visit some friends. As the passengers filed past me, I watched as the flight attendants busied themselves with their pre-flight preparations. I’m sitting there snugly  in my seat when God slams this idea into my head. “Holly, just buckle up, I’m the one flying this plane. I know where I want you to go. I know how to get you there. I’m not here for your comfort, but I am here to lead you and get you to the final destination.” Jesus, you mean you aren’t hear to fluff my pillow and crack me open a Pepsi?

Jesus is looking for an intimacy and a heart that says “When I can’t see where I’m going I’ll trust you’ll get me there. Even when it looks like I can handle it– I’ll let you be in control. Even when it looks like foolishness to the world– I’ll do what you’re asking because I love you. No matter the sacrifice, no matter the time, no matter the pain.”

I had a dream once that I was driving a bus on a trip. Someone sat in the passenger seat, and as we buckled up they turned to me and asked if I knew the way. I assured them I remembered how to go, but with each turn, each hasty decision I kept getting more and more lost. Isn’t that exactly what we do? We tell God we remember the way, or we’ve got this and each step we find ourselves getting more and more off track.

My goal in life isn’t to be in control. My goal, my aim, is to let Jesus be The Lord. To do, go, say and be what He asks of me. I pray that for you too– that you’d have a “simple” yet profound wisdom that says “Jesus I’ll do whatever you ask. Follow you wherever you go.” Not out of obligation, but out of a deep love for Him knowing He’s going to take care of everything. Every detail. And me, well, I’m just along to enjoy the ride.