Motivation comes in all different shapes and sizes.

My “kick-in-the-pants” came from a famous, Christian, satire writer named Jon Acuff. I’ve been reading his stuff for years. I enjoy laughing at his ridiculous Instagram posts and have even tried to master the ever awkward “side-hug” that he has popularized. I’ll admit though, my favorite blog posts are his “Serious Wednesday” posts. He always catches me with the sneaky liver jabs on Wednesdays. He’ll hook you with his wit then nail you with his wisdom.

A few weeks ago, he posted a dare– to join in an adventure. All you had to do was e-mail him your name and address. Then, wait. And I essentially forgot about it. Maybe it had just been a ploy to get more e-mail addresses so he could sell them and buy a new car. But sometimes adventures take time. And sometimes they come out of nowhere.

So, when I received an e-mail from Jon Acuff on July 3rd I was pretty sure I had been Punk’d. Nice try, Ashton. I see what you’re doing there. But it wasn’t a joke or a marketing scheme. It was a genuine invitation to link up with roughly 2,000 other people and start something.

And here I am. Starting something. Starting something that I should have started years ago, but decided that being insecure and fearful was easier than growing a pair. I’m not going to lie to you. I’m still afraid. I’m still struggling with the idea of starting this blog. The internet needs one more blog like Walmart needs another mullet sporting customer. I’m certainly not going to try and convince you that my blog will somehow stand out from all the rest. Truth is: it probably won’t.

And yet, in the sea of blogs I’m adding mine with the hopes that whoever crosses its path with get something from it. Be it a laugh, an awkward story to share with friends, or some wonderfully placed wisdom that sneaks in and encourages you or ignites a passion in you that had grown cold.

Buckle up.

16 thoughts on “#Start

  1. I just started blogging 2 months ago, and I know the feeling. I like your comparison of the Wall-Mart mullet wearers, so here’s my mullet analogy. “My blog is a lot like a mullet. (Wait for it) Business up front, party in the back.” Good luck on making this blog your mullet!

  2. I think as many people as there are in the world is how many blogs the world can handle. We all have a story to tell. No one person’s story is less or more worthy than another’s. Congrats on this next adventure and taking a chance…

    • Thank you for that, Will. It was good for me to hear. And you’re very right– I remember praying a long time ago, “God, if you can take this life (that’s full of pain, disappointment and grief) and let it bring at least one to you, than all of it was worth it.” And I meant it. And I remember the first time, I felt like someone had really been touched by my story. She was no more than 15 years old, we were sitting at a picnic table at a teen camp. She connected with my story and at that moment I was able to connect her with Jesus. It was a powerful moment for me. May I ALWAYS enjoy the frosting!

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